Kőbányai Bike Park cross nr1: 1step back.:(


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After last weeks wake up call in Veszprem, I kind of expected to be better already this weekend as 1 training is better than 0. But, things went different again. On saterdaynight, I started to feel pain in my chest and although I hoped it would be ok when I switched to 100%, the opposite happened.

So, racing at “home”is always good, as you can take the bike to the racetrack. But, if outside is 4 degrees and rainy, hmm, maybe this was already mistake nr1. On my way over, I noticed also some troubles with my gears. I tried to adjust on the ride, but somehow it never worked well. Around 12 o clock, I arrived at the track and with this weather I decided to sit inside to warm up instead of going to see the loop (mistake nr2 ). Warming up, well, again, I prefered the hot room over getting wet with some sprints (mistake 3). So, 13.00, time to suffer! The start went ok and I was in 3rd position with Pelikan and Búr. Surely I had some close calls getting into unknown corners on the slippery track, wasting some energy, but it was fun. Also, the shifting made my life harder, as I was always too late to find the correct gear.. After only 1 loop, I realized I didn’t have normal power and only 1 loop later, I felt I couldn’t swallow, needles in my throat. So, game over L. I had to slow down to find a pace I could ride without hurting myself. But it was too cold to go slow and so I started to suffer, to freeze up. 45minutes of wondering what I was doing here and why. and with a risk to get more sick, pppffft, the longest 40minutes in a race ever. But, finally, it was over, the quickest bikewash and run to defreeze my feet in the shower, nice ;)..

So, 2nd place but in the worst conditions, now I pray I get healthy for the next hour of playing Sunday. (for now, not good L )

Enjoy the start of the winter, the frozen white trails are waiting!!