Bringapark kupa 3: Mother nature changed the game, 1st place


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Well, it never happens the way you want it to, I guess… After last weekends tests, I was wondering how fast I could progress, how fast my body would adapt to this new situation and thanks to racing on the same track with the same –few- people, it would have been easy to see how much I could close that gap to Fejes. Winning wasn’t an option, but to try to get closer, that was the mission, the motivation. But, then the weather changed drastically and so did the track… Mud, slippery wet and snowy conditions, it couldn’t have been more different… And sure, in these slow power conditions, the handicap of the heavy setup would also be smaller. What would count here was technique, to control the bike and to find lines with some grip. As a Belgian, I was born in the mud, so, this comes quite natural J. After I had walked the loop, studied the lines and prepared the bike for wet, it was time to test the body.

13.00, we start in heavy snowfall. Fejes takes the lead, I follow. Everybody goes easy to feel how the bike handles… But, it’s a race and I like sliding and drifting, so I go for it. After only a couple of turns I am on my own. After the stairs, somehow I drop my chain and so I don’t take risks and stop to take it on manually. After some seconds, Fejes passes me and he even takes 8sec. By the time we reach the double up-down hill, I get back to him, but when he jumps off to run, I am surprised and I have to stop. I try to continue riding but finally, I also have to jump of and run, and again I lose some time. In the next turns, I get back and in the following straight I immediately pass him and encourage him for a good fight. But, he tells me he is injured and so that he can only go slow… Damned, again, no fight… Last weekend, I was too far behind, now Fejes can’t fight, hmmm, another day I guess. But, for me, no reason to slow down.. It’s a race = the best training and I still need this to get a better technique on a cx bike, so I decide to keep on pushing, sliding, suffering J. The conditions are good, the mud doesn’t cause any problems and the bike goes really great! I start to love it again… After about 1 hr, the game is over and with this weather I decide to go for a quick bikewash, 5min cooldown, and to get home as fast as possible for a decent relaxing ride on the tacx… ( after cleaning the bike properly)

So, now, I start hoping to get a decent fight in the next and last cx-race in Vac. See you there! Good luck on the world champs and beat some Belgians J