Bakony Marathon 2014


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Bakony Marathon 2014, Blaszo Marton wins and I become…. 1st??!!

After last week’s mudfest in the Vertesmarathon, I had learned a couple of things. One of them was that 3 weeks of travelling weren’t going to be unpunished as my body had forgotten the bike completely which made me suffer more than I wanted to in the last 30min of the race + 2 days of pain in my butt… If this wasn’t enough, it seemed that my body believed that it was still in Japan, because every day, I woke up in the middle of the night (1 o clock here is 8 o clock in Japan…) making me feel even more tired… So, result: another week without training, only some spinning to get the feeling for the bike back. So I knew I shouldn’t have big expectations of the Bakony race… L

For the bike, I also remembered from Vertes that the Hungarian mud requested some extra changes on the bike. As I knew my shape was only going to be 80%max, I thought to put some extra attention to the RAMbike to compensate for this loss J. So, new brakepads with extra space between disc and pads for the mud. A maxxis beaver 2.0 muddtire in the front, because it has a higher profile than my favorite Ikon + it is 7mm smaller to get some extra clearance in case of the typical sticky mud. In the rear I chose for a 50mm 2.1 maxxis aspen to keep the speed + a semi slick clears the mud easily J. Sure, that means drifting, but as long as its only the rear, it’s fun. I made some special protection on the RS SID fork with a destroyed innertube to keep my eyes mud-free and I sprayed the whole frame + drivetrain in silicones so mud wouldn’t stick to it that badly… After 1.5hr of cleaning, changing and upgrading, I hoped that this would help me getting closer to the top-riders :).

The race: 10 o’clock, neutralized start trough to village. Zsolt is taking the lead and after a minute, Blaszo joins him. Now we turn right into the first long climb to the top of the highest mountain for today. I immediately feel that I am in trouble. Sure, as usual, Búr is pulling superhard to get the peleton pulled into pieces, but I can’t follow him. My heartrate doesn’t go over 170 and my legs have no power… Oh, no! Do I have to let them go after 3kms? Damned no, I force myself to jump back to Buszo and Blaszo and I try just to hang on. But I already realize how today will be like: hell… I can follow to the top and there is Gabor from Alpinbiketeam to give me an extra bottle, thanks a lot!! Now, we start a great descent in the mud, time to test the bike setup: perfect! I need some time to “feel” the new tires, but they do a great job! After this descent, we get into flatter sections and I can only stay close to Búr and Marti, cannot help them at all. I realize that I am the weakest today and that, if somebody is attacking, I should just try to stay with the slowest. Good plan… By now, we arrive on the famous rivercrossings and we are cautious to cross the first. Not as deep as expected and so we all feel relieved. But, apparently, Blaszo feels so comfortable that he jumps full speed in the second and he crashes hard and goes full body in the cold water. If this wasn’t bad enough, he also hurts his finger and it doesn’t looks good to me. Broken?? After these rivers, it’s time for a short technical muddy climb and Buszo gets into trouble, having to get off the bike. Blaszo feels this as the perfect moment to attack and so he goes. I forget about the good plan (aaaaaaaaahhhh) and go with him, stupid me!!! We go fast, but I tell him that I feel like shit and that I will only follow as long as possible, helping only little from time to time. And that wasn’t for too long, because in the climbs he pushed me over my limits and on the 3rd climb (actually the second time we climb the highest peak), I have to let go. I am 40sechind when I arrive on the foggy top and find some encouragement and 2 new bottles on the perfect spot on the perfect time from Gabor (you saved my day here!!!). I can’t see shit and I am thinking I took the wrong way, because I am on the same road as the one we took in the startclimb, but opposite direction. I slow down a lot and thanks to that I am already 2min behind Blaszo after this descent. Now, we start a fast section of 30km but my legs are on a strike. Nothing works anymore, pedaling: no. Standing on the pedals: even worse… So, I hit the famous wall and lose all speed. I struggle and think about quitting… But, somehow I continu this self-torturing till km 80 where Búr comes back to me. Somehow, this must have given me some extra energy, because in the last muddy unridable climb, I get away again and I can survive somehow all the way to the finish to become 2nd. Buszo is again just behind me!! Good team-fight :)

But, waiting to clean my bike, I start to hear a strange story: Before the race, Marton had been working on his bike (changing brakepads) till after we had started and so, he had joined the peloton from his car (200m after start), but, he hadn’t crossed the official startline and that was the reason for the organization to decide to disqualify him… For me, he is the real winner, because he had a delayed start, some small technical problems with the front deraylleur + a nasty crash and he still pulled away easily! So,Blaszo is the winner, but I get 1st place, hmmmm… This doesn’t feel good at all, but the organization is the boss, remember my race in Svaty Jur, Slovakia a couple of weeks ago…

So, to get rewarded for suffering so long, so badly, well, i should be happy, but now I have very mixed feelings… Sure, the organization didn’t make a mistake, but … Ok, Let’s forget this and hope for a miraculous recovery so I can be back in shape next weekend?

See you! Wouter