Поредна победа на Уоутър в Kazincbarcika


Ram Bikes


Well, after reading all the comments on the race and especially about my bike, I can relax it seems, because I have the best bike. Thank you Ram-bikes for that! No more riding from now on, just beer and watching Belgian cyclocross on youtube, that will do the job .

Well no, not really, right? Anyway, my day was good as it was the first day of our family holiday and the weather was great. Last year, cx was a new thing for me and after having had big fun for 1 winter, I have decided to sell my scott cx and to take my carbon hardtail Ram race to do the job. Why? Well, I am a mountainbiker and I spend every week about 12-15 hours on a mtb in the forest, in the mountains, on the trails. That’s my passion, my hobby, my addiction… Training on road? Nope, I can’t do it, don’t like it. So, my last years’ cx-bike was something strange for me, especially built for Hungary after I heard there was a cx-scene here. I didn’t know that it was also allowed to use a mtb, because then I wouldn’t have built that bike in the first place… So, in august 2013, the bike was finished and I tried it out on the road just to come to the same conclusion as 10y ago with my first and last roadbike: I don’t like the position, funny bar, no brakes, scary tires, pfffttt, to be honest, I am scared on a road-cx bike. Fast? Sure, it’s damned fast making it even more scary… And, as I don’t find a roadgroup to train with, what’s the point in driving 30+ av instead of 28 on my hardtail and so, voila, it’s for sale now (If anyone interested, it’s a 7.4kg 56cm addict rc top bike and it can be seen at Alpinbikeshop)
cx super 1.5
So, as I told you in the report of Albertirsa cx race, my xc-bike became a cx-bike with fixed fork and in this first supercross, I even got my new light maxxis maxxlite on it in tubeless setup with the gold wheels: light, fast, but would I find the grip? Wouldn’t it be too slow on the straights? Time to test!

At 13.00, the test started. As usual, my start wasn’t too fast and I get into 7th position. In the first loop, I try to pass some riders and so I get to 5th. I run 5-10sec behind the first group and I notice that the speed is killing! I have a very hard time closing the gap. I can’t get more speed through the corners then the first and on the straights,…, well, they are killing me. So, after 2 loops, I start to wonder if the mtb was the wrong choice??… But, wrong choice? Hell no, I am suffering, right? And that’s what I call fun, so, I did a great job J. When I finally reach the first, Marti has troubles with his gears and I am stuck behind him, allowing the first 3 to get ahead again. I pass him and finally close the gap in the 3rd loop. I notice that all 3 riders are taking first position and pulling hard, but nothing really happens. When we get to the start-finish area, as nobody wants to work, I take first position and then it happens: in the first corners, I hear a crash behind me and I see 2 riders down: Bur and Stefan, the Slovak rider, are down. I call to Bur to check if he’s fine, but he’s too buzy making quick repairs to notice… My pace is broken, the concentration gone, but after nearly missing 2 turns, I get back into the race and I push hard because I guess that’s what I should do, it’s a race. Against my expectations, nobody wants-can react and I start to build a nice gap. I cannot believe it, but it happens and so from loop 5, I can start concentrating on the perfect line, balancing energy etc… And so, after close to 1hr, I win the first supercross on a mtb… (luckily nobody noticed the switch on my handle bar for activating the Cancelara engine on by crankset J , oh, and yes, I can switch that system also to my currently not sold yet cx bike….)

Guys, keep on the positive vibes: have fun on the trails and see you soon!