Les crêtes Burdinale, 71km 1250hm, fastest race of 2016?


Ram Bikes


Yeah, a training week in the trans asphalt brought me the high speed I needed for the Belgian races. No, just kidding. But, after being home and doing only some small recovery rides for a week, I felt like doing something a little faster, harder, better…  So, when I heard that Burdinale had a new track and it was also with a group start, hmm, time to test my recovery status.

Olala, start at 8.30, pft, alarm at 5.30, a man can suffer for his hobby… But, to be waken up for something you love, it’s not a punishment! I arrived in time, incredible, even had the time to warm up for 5 minutes before I started talking to old friends, so relaxed morning, good weather and time to go to work.

The start was a little hectic, but after 2 km, I could slowly get to the front. I think we were 4 riders a little ahead of the rest when we entered the first muddy climb. Here, the others had some difficulties and so I just kept my pace and got to 1st position. Once on the top, I didn’t accelerate, but the others didn’t come back. On the next single, the guy with the motorbike who was leading dropped his bike, so I had to run to pass him + the trail up and I heard the others had returned just behind me. So, here I did accelerate and I was alone for the rest of the ride. Signs were perfect, roads fast, super fast. Around km 25th, the hill-part started and I tried to find a good pace. My HF was still messed up (not recovered) and so I had to feel my limits. I was also out of drinks and so, on the 2nd refreshment point, I had to  make a short stop. More good trails up to km 55th and from here the speed went up again with more flat fast tracks and asphalt. But, I wasn’t complaining  as, with my tired legs, this race was hard enough. In the last part, I stopped once more for another bottle and I also realized that riding without energy food (my HIGH 5 stayed in the transalp under the wheels of a Romanian Skoda Octavia) was going to be hard, but I survived. I reached the finish in 1st spot, time for a small recovery, a shower and the podium for the biggest price of 2016: a 3 liters bottle Chimay, jihaaaaa!!! (maybe this was a hint to go to the raid des sources in Chimay next weekend??)