XCO Stara Zagora – Another victory to the collection, and a mechanical for Tony


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XCO Stara Zagora – Another victory to the collection, and a mechanical for Tony
After a short pause, the time to test our legs comes again.

This is the first race of the season for Tony, he reported feeling sick the upcoming week, but on the race day his attitude and power were quite good – this was definitely felt during the training lap of the course, that we did together. So 20min after we finished it, it was time to start – at 10.30. My junior category started 10min later, so some time to have a spin keeping the muscles working. My usual start now again – slow but safe, i roll into 3rd position at the beginning. The course was changing its direction constantly, so until you learn the track well, you have to be cautious for the orange marking, mainly on the rocks and roots on the ground. After you get to know the track good, that’s where the game begins and the riding is pretty much a flow through the woods. But let’s come back to what happened with us and the race itself.After riding my first half of the lap, I spot Tony pushing his bike, later i see that he has broken his seatpost head, bad luck for him today.:( I continue and unfortunately don’t have a lot of power, the first lap i’m just not in the race pace and i can’t push hard enough to stay on the front. No worries, there are 3 more laps to go, i’ll find a way to make my way :) Yep, i pass them on the 2nd/3rd lap so now i’m on the lead. Looks like despite the “low-power”day i’ll beat them, that means steady pace until the finish line, the heat was killing me on the hills, but this was the last lap. 1st place for me, bad luck for Tony, but such days just happen and you can’t do much about it.