Having a racing program has always been a top priority for us – it’s indispensable for developing new products and it’s also great for helping the scene grow by supporting and developing young talended riders. Throughout the years the ram bikes team has gone through many changes – some good, others not as much…2012 was a big step forward for our team in many ways. We managed to get xc terminator wouter cleppe onboard – he promptly dominated the xc/marathon race circuit around here and is basically unbeatable. Our boys from the dh crew put in a good effort as well, going to pretty much every event on the ever-faster growing bulgarian dh racing calendar. They scored a good number of podium finishes too, a good proof for our new dhx2’s performance. Even before the 2012 racing season was over, we already had plans and ideas for 2013. In 2013 the RAM Team had it’s strong participation in European DH and 4X in Pamporovo Mountain Resort. For 2014 we have a big plans – with one race already behind their backs, our boys look forward to the oncoming 2014 season. Please meet Ivan, Bobi, Marto and Sasho. They are the RAM Bikes Team and we’re proud to have them onboard! Here’s to a great season, boys!

Team News