About us


Our story began more than a decade ago, when two passionate riders came out with a simple idea – to build a bike, which will be a pleasure for them to ride. In the first year of the company’s business, a total of 40 bikes were made and sold to their owners. This is the main driving force for the small team and stands for the company’s vision today – we make bikes for people like us. We would have a pure pleasure riding everyone of them. The main focus of RAM Bikes is unchanged today – bikes for the mountains and for the bikers, who love the freedom and the feeling down the slopes and trails.


We make bikes that we could proudly present as – made in Bulgaria. Painting the frame, lacing the wheels and full assembly of the bike – only one of our mechanics is responsible for that process. Every bike, that comes out of the factory, is signed by the mechanic and is ordered by his future owner. This owner might be a competitor or a bike enthusiast, who made his choice for a bike that is a real adventure machinery.Driven by this vision for more than a decade now, we believe, that bikes we made have turned every of customer of RAM Bikes into a friend.