Bike 4 Chepan – 2nd race, 1 place


Ram Bikes


Dragoman, 9.30, time to register. Big queues on the city square, looks like two people on the registration site were not enough for more than 300 participants. I have bad memories from last year, because of bad marking of the track, I and 2 more people got lost two times and didn’t finish at the end. But let’s be positive, this year things could have improved :).
At 11.30 (1 hour delay) it was time to step on the pedals and hit the trails. As usually i started slowly and made my way through people later on. By the time we finished the climb, i managed to pass my rivals, and then on the rocky descent the full-sus Trail 29er payed off its higher weight. I was flying downhill and passed some more racers from other categories. At the end of the descent there was still the half of the distance left to cover, riding on smooth jeep tracks through beautiful fields. The marking was good, and I luckily had no problems finding the right direction. I could relax and ride easy, being prepared to step on the gas if someone got close to me. Nope, i finished first, in my category, and 1st overall on the short track(21km). Time to do a recovery spin and have a chat with friends. :)